GEN - Governance and Economics research Network


GEN focuses on four fields: Public economics and governance, circular economy, regional and sectoral economics and family businesses. Concerning the first vector, GEN adopts an interdisciplinary perspective which integrates expertise in political science and economic geography. Our analysis of both public expenditure and revenues pays special attention to federal intergovernmental relationships and decentralization processes. Knowledge transfer activities in this area, include networks DERNET (Fiscal and Political Decentralization Research Network), RIFDE and Red Localis. Our Circular Economy vector follows the same kind of interdisciplinary view, devoted to increasing materials productivity and efficiency, and to develop new perspectives to decoupling economic growth and environmental impacts from energy consumption, water and raw materials. Our interest in regional and sectoral economics includes a mix of topics, but our efforts are focused on the analysis of the Galician economy and on sport economics, joining economists and specialists in sport sciences. Our knowledge transfer in this area is managed by the Galician Economic Forum. Finally, research and teaching activities of GEN on family businesses are performed under the umbrella provided by the Chair of Family Business of the University of Vigo. This chair is integrated into the Spanish Family Business Institute. GEN is a member of ECOBAS.


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COVID-19 Crisis

GEN Group advocates mobilizing 25,000 million surpluses of the municipalities to face the COVID-19 crisis. Santiago Lago-Peñas and Alberto Vaquero, both GEN researchers, indicate that Galician municipalities have 888 million euros as liquid funds and the postponement of local taxes could mobilize 882 million euros.

International Conference on Health Care Expenditure

DERNET-GEN, will organize an international conference on "Health Care Expenditure: Looking beyond the demographic aging trends, technology development and economic growth". It will be held in Santiago de Compostela on October 23-24, 2019. The conference is managed under the direction of David Cantarero-Prieto, Santiago Lago-Peñas and Berta Rivera.

Workshop RIFDE-GEN

"Outstanding Challenges of Decentralization in Spain: Sufficiency and Tax Autonomy" was the title selected to the workshop organized by RIFDE and GEN. It took place on October 1 -2, 2019 in Santiago de Compostela with the funding of Consellería de Facenda and AIReF and with collaboration of IEF, ECOBAS and CES.

2nd Workshop Family Business

The Chair of Family Business in collaboration with GEN, organized the second workshop on Family Business titled "Strategic and Organizational Change". It was take place in Ourense on June 13-14, 2019. This seminar was born with the aim of promoting research and collaboration between different institutions, joined relevant researchers on this topic.

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