Universidade de Vigo

GEN - Governance and Economics research Network

GEN is a research group at the Ourense Campus of the University of Vigo. Its 30 members belong to 17 different institutions at seven countries: the United States, Canada, Portugal, France, United Kingdom and Italy along with Spain.

GEN comprises three fields of interest: public economics and governance, regional and sectoral economics and family businesses. Its main focus is on public economics and governance. Decentralization processes are its primary concern. It adopts an interdisciplinary perspective which integrates experts in political science and economic geography. The analysis of public expenditures, design and evaluation of tax systems, and the intergovernmental relationship federal-type structures all appear in this line of research. Secondly, GEN is also interested in regional and sectoral economics. In this case, the Galician economy and sport economics and are its main research topics. Finally, GEN analyzes family businesses, an emerging topic that we hope to consolidate in the upcoming years.