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Working Papers


Collection A: Public economics, governance and decentralization

Editors: Miriam Hortas & Agnese Sacchi



Collection B: Regional and sectoral economics

Editors: David Cantarero & Francisco Carballo-Cruz



Collection C: Family Business

Editors: Santiago Lago-Peñas, Katiuska Cabrera & Elena Rivo López



Submission guidelines


  • Manuscripts submitted for possible publication in GEN WP Series must be original.
  • All the submissions must be sent in pdf or word format to the following email address:, with the subject "For GEN WP Series Public Economics", "For GEN WP Series Regional Economics" or "For GEN WP Series Family Business".
  • Every original received will be subjected to a brief editorial process, deciding whether the paper is directly accepted, rejected or, occasionally, invited to be re-submitted after minor changes. This decision will be communicated to the authors within two weeks after submission.
  • Each original must be accompanied by a cover page providing an abstract of the work of no more than 100 words, a list of keywords, the appropriate JEL classification codes and the original submission statement. The usual information on authors´ affiliations, acknowledgements and contacts should also appear in this first page.
  • GEN guarantees the diffusion of their WP Series through world-wide electronic platforms, such as RePEc.
  • In case of future publication in a journal or book, authors will include the following sentence: "An earlier version was published as GEN Working Paper number *".